UV Sterilizer Towel Warmer Cabinet with Rack Review

UV Sterilizer Towel Warmer Cabinet with Rack Review

UV Sterilizer Towel Warmer Cabinet with Rack Warm towels are nowadays in constant demand. Whether you work in a salon, gym, tattoo house, facial clinic or a nail parlour, warm towels are something that keeps the customer both happy and hygienic.

It used to be a struggle to provide people with hot towels at a constant pace. Nowadays however, providing hot towels to customers is as easy as anything, with the UV Sterilizer Towel Warmer Cabinet with Rack.

Key Features

  • Comes with a built-in UV sterilization system
  • Heats towels up to 176F
  • CE approved
  • Comes equipped with a drip tray
  • User manual included

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The UV Sterilizer Towel Warmer Cabinet with Rack is a device that not only warms up towels, but sterilizes them as well. All towels are sterilized with the machines’ built in UV sterilizer. After being sanitized, the towels are then heated up to a comfortable 176F. This temperature effectively kills common microbes as well, for double sterilization effects.

Hot towels produced by this device can be used in all types of establishments, from everything from restaurants, to clinics, to tattoo parlours, to nail salons, to massage center and even to gyms. The product has been CE approved in order to assure costumers of safe and effective sterilization techniques.

The UV Sterilizer Towel Warmer Cabinet with Rack Salon Spa Nail Facial Tattoo Beauty comes witha drip tray which catches water that may drop off of moist towels. This allows for easier and more hassle-free clean-ups.UV Sterilizer Towel Warmer Cabinet with Rack This towel warmer is easy to use and comes with a user manual, in case any questions may arise throughout using this product.


  • People who have reviewed this product state that they enjoy the overall look of the model, and how it easily fits into the décor of virtually any room.
  • The machine works fast and works quietly, two assets which have been greatly commended.
  • is equipped with a drip tray
  • Heats towels up to a maximum temperature of 176F
  • built with UV sterilization system
  • UV Sterilizer to Keep Towels Germ-free

Customer Reviews

It can be concluded that aside from the trouble with the door not fitting properly over the device’s mouth, most people are satisfied with how the UV Sterilizer Towel Warmer Cabinet with Rack works. The machine heats up towels quickly and effectively without creating any noise at all. The sturdy build of the model has been commended as well.

“This little warmer does a great job and keeps my towels at a good temperature! It is not very big, I would say it holds about 10 towels. My towels are not really small though. I have been enjoying my warmer.”

Stormy Kulhanek, Amazon Customer Review

This warmer heats up pretty quick and works like a champ. It doesn’t make any noise and looks very professional.

RNG, Amazon Customer Review

The UV Sterilizer Towel Warmer Cabinet has been reviewed by 8 customers on Amazon and has been given a impressive customer score of 3.5 out of 5.0. Click here to read more verified customer reviewson Amazon.


Overall, the UV Sterilizer Towel Warmer Cabinet with Rack is a practical buy for anybody looking for a small towel warmer suitable for home use of small-scale business endeavours.

Where to Buy

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