Hot Cabinet Warmer 48 Towels Cabi by Elite Review

Hot Cabinet Warmer 48 Towels Cabi by Elite Review

Hot Cabinet Warmer 48 Towels Cabi PlusHot towels are something that everybody looks forward to when visiting a spa, nail salon, tattoo parlor, gym, clinic or even a restaurant. Hot towels are one of those little things in life that can make a visit to any establishment that much better.

It used to be difficult to prepare a lot of hot towels together at one time. Nowadays though, with the Hot Cabinet Warmer 48 Towels Cabi by Elite, preparing hot towels for customers takes only a matter of clicks and a few minutes. Simple things like this may be just the right push customers need to pledge loyalty to your establishment.

Key Features

  • Comes equipped with an internal temperature control system
  • Maintains consistent temp of 150-160 degrees
  • Holds a maximum of 48 small, facial-sized towels.
  • Equipped with padded heating elements
  • Can hold up to a maximum of 48 facial-sized wash cloths
  • Comes with a drip pan
  • Comes with an interior towel rack

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The Hot Cabinet Warmer 48 Towels Cabi Plus allows small scale to medium scale establishments to provide their customers with the simple luxury of a hot towel. The device manages to hold up to 48 wash cloths at one time, heating them all up equally.

The device heats up all towels and garments to 150-160 degrees. This temperature is both comfortable and soothing to the person to whom the towel is presented to. The Elite Hot Cabinet Warmer is insulated and comes with padded heating elements, which allows all the cloths inside the device to be heated equally. The internal temperature control system protects the product from overheating.Hot Cabinet Warmer 48 Towels Cabi PlusThis towel warmer comes with a drip pan, which catches the water that may fall off of wet or moist towels. This makes clean-ups easier. The product comes with an interior towel rack as well, for added convenience.


  • The machine has been reviewed and deemed very well-functioning. It heats up towels quickly and easily, without creating any noise at all.
  • The towels are all heated up evenly.
  • The customized drip pan and interior towel rack of the device have been commended as well.

Customer Reviews

There have so far been no negative reviews about this product. Most people commented that the device works well and works quickly. It makes no noise while operating. Clean ups have been made easier due to the drip tray, and the interior towel rack allows for added convenience as well.

“We own a massage therapy in clinic with reasonably high volume. This warmer fits the bill for us, as it is compact, priced well, and works flawlessly so far. We saved approximately 60.00 purchasing the unit through Amazon. If you have a need for a warmer, this may just be the item for you.”

JTW “JTW Frisco”, Amazon Customer Review

“Tried to go a cheaper route on eBay ended up returning 2 hot cabbies because of one not getting hot enough and the other one because the bottom unit didn’t even work. . This cabbie gets a blazon hot, very quickly. It looked a little small at first but it’s a deep cabbie so it fits a decent amount to towels. I could prolly for about 12 hand towels in just one door.

And I put my herbal packs in the other. Fits booties, a neck support And hot stones! Love it’s compact looks with a ton of space. Exactly what I needed. . Plus the one I sold (single door) was the same brand “Elite” that had lasted me roughly 9 years. And it still works great I just needed a bigger one. “

Swagner246, Amazon Customer Review

The Hot Towel Cabi Plus has been reviewed by 8 customers on Amazon and has been given a customer rating of 3.3 out of 5.0. Click here to read more verified customer reviews on Amazon.


Overall, it can be concluded that the Hot Cabinet Warmer 48 Towels Cabi Plus is a practical buy for anybody looking for a good and well-functioning towel warmer for small-scale and medium-scale sized businesses.

Where to buy

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